Slippery Slope - Lesson Plan



Teaching Plan (1 week)


The objective of this lesson is to help identify students with deficiencies in adding, subtractin, and dividing integers (a skill required to calculate slope).

  1. Using a computer projector, demonstrate how to go to the eNLVM website, go to your school and class, and login. (5 minutes)
  1. (1 activity) Students add, subtract, multiply and divide integers. Instruct students to check their answers and seek help if they do not understand the concepts.

Rate of Change (15 minutes)

The objective of the lesson is to introduce the concept of slope as a rate of change using examples.

  1. (3 activities) Students compare steepness of mountains, roofs, stairs, and a graph.
  1. (3 activities) Students are introduced to slope as the rate of change, identify rise and run, and calculate slope.

Positive, Negative, Zero, Undefined Slope (15 minutes)

The objective of this lesson is to help students relate the concepts of positive, negative, zero, and undefined slopes with applications.

  1. (4 activitiy) Students are presented with examples of positive, negative, zero, and undefined slopes.
  1. (2 activities) Students are shown different types of slopes and identify examples of each.

 Slope Formulas(20 minutes)

The objective of this lesson is to help students learn to calculate slope given two points.

  1. (1 activity) Students are presented with the formula for calculating slope. The variables are color coded and given explanations.
  1. (2 activities) Students are guided through the process of finding the slope of a line using coordinate points.
  1. (1 activity) Students practice finding the slope of a line given two coordinate points.

Exploring Slope (20 minutes)

The objective of this lesson is to help students explore graphed lines and their slopes.

  1. (1 activity) Students observe the slope of a line calculated using different points on the line.
  1. (2 activities) Students explore the relationship between the steepness and direction of a line and its slope.

 Comparing Slope (10 minutes)

  1. (1 activity) Students are guided to discover the difference between steepness and slope.
  1. (3 activities) Students are guided to discover the connection between slope values and the symbolic representation of the relationship.



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Correlation to Standards

Correlation to NCTM Standards

Algebra - Represent and analyze mathematical situations and structures using algebraic symbols; Analyze change in various contexts.

Correlation to Utah Standards

Correlation to Arizona Standards

Strand 3: Pattern, Algebra, and Functions. Concept 4: Analysis of Change. Analyze change in a variable over time and in various contexts