Introduction to the eNLVM

The eNLVM is an NSF-funded project to extend and enhance the NLVM by developing:

eModules eModules
eModules are interactive online units that target objectives identified as important in state and national standards, include lesson plans, contain interactive online activities, and provide online assessments. Each eModule is intended to cover between one and three class periods of instruction.
Tracking Tools Tracking Tools
The eNLVM provides functionality that allows students to submit answers they have typed and work they have done using applets. Teachers can view class summaries and individual answers. Answers to some types of questions are automatically checked when an answer key is specified.
Adaptation Tools Adaptation Tools
Teachers can modify lessons and activities in the eNLVM to tailor them to the needs of their students. Options for customization include modifying, creating, reorganizing, and deleting activities, instructions, questions, and applet configurations.
Collaboration Tools Collaboration Tools
Teachers can share materials with others so that they can collaboratively develop them. In addition, users can publish materials so that others can copy and adapt them. When new versions are published, users that have made copies are notified so that they can retrieve the updates.